Writing personal statements for UCAS

When you apply for university courses via UCAS, you will be asked to submit a UCAS personal statement. Significantly, this doesn't just apply to you, it also applies to everyone else applying for university courses, and the course tutors use the personal statement to help decide who gets on the course (and who doesn't). Not only do you need to impress the course tutor with your statement, but if you want to guarantee your place then depending on place availability, you also need to make more of an impression on the course tutor than your competitors do.

Consequently, a top quality personal statement can improve your prospects of landing a place on your preferred course.

'Thanks so much for your help! I got the offer I wanted and will be going to uni this September, thanks again you did an amazing job!'

Theo Grabiner, Kent

DIY statements > doing it yourself

Some students write their personal statement themselves - and if you want to do this then that is entirely your prerogative. At the same time, just be aware that many students - literally many thousands each year - gain the advantage over their competitors by engaging professional writers to improve their statement; frequently making it slicker, more polished, more persuasive and expertly targeted.

And make no mistake, a top quality personal statement can (and often does) make a difference.

Copying personal statement examples

Can't I just copy an example?
Well you could. And no one is going to stop you if you did. However, just be aware that this is something that the course tutors could notice, and even if they don't then UCAS just might. In fact on their website UCAS specifically state that they screen all personal statements using special similarity detection software.

Significantly, a lot of example personal statements are poor quality anyway, and if you use them you risk writing something that comes across as both unimpressive and very artificial.

It therefore doesn't make sense to copy a personal statement template / example. Besides, the best treatments are all personal, original and tailored not only for your own circumstances, but also for your target.

How we can help you

In short, we can create a 100% original powerful and persuasive statement for you that is centred around you and your own circumstances and professionally optimised for your target.

We can (and frequently) do, help students improve the prospects of being accepted on their preferred courses.

Who will write your UCAS statement

Your statement will be hand crafted by a top professional career writer. You can read more about our exceptional writers here. Paul and Sylvia personally write all job-related statement orders. With regards to UCAS statements they are joined by Kath, who is herself master's degree qualified and a vastly experienced career sector writer.

Your statement will be written by one of the above top writers. It will not be farmed out to an inexperienced or unqualified freelancer as happens with some other companies.


The first step is simply just to contact us with details of your application. We can advise you whether or not we need more information. Once we have everything we can simply get on with the job while you sit back.

Once we have completed your UCAS statement we will send this to you by e-mail. In the vast majority of cases you will not want to change a single word. However, in the unlikely event that you do, just let your consultant know and he/she can advise and make changes as part of our free after sales service.


You can order our UCAS personal statement service from just £129