Professional Help with Your Statement for Nursing Jobs and Courses

If you are a qualified a nurse who is looking for a new job, or if you intend training to be a nurse, or gaining further nursing qualifications, then we can help you on two fronts - and like no one else!

Nursing Job Applications
Firstly if you are applying to nursing jobs then these often require a personal statement as part of the application process. We have vast experience helping nursing professionals with just that.

Nursing Course Applications

Similarly, if you are intending to apply for a nursing course (including university degree and postgraduate/master's degree courses) then we can also help you with your statement if one is required (and it frequently is).

Who do we help?

We help medical professionals from the UK and all around the world. These range from students and new entrants right up to senior health sector professionals, management and consultants etc.

How can we help?

In a nutshell, we can help improve your odds of success with your application.

One of the reasons why employers ask people to write a statement is not only to find a bit more about you, but also to test your communication skills as well as learning a bit more about just how determined and meticulous you are - because top quality CV writing is far from easy, and if you want to stand out from the crowd then you do need to be persistent, determined and meticulous.

Most people who come to us originally have a statement that is quite average, although occasionally we also help clients pretty decent and pretty dreadful original statements too.

Either way, the thing to bear in mind is that average, or even good sometimes doesn't suffice. Both jobs and places on courses are frequently competitive, and if you want the best chance of success then you need to give the employer or course leader something special - in this case something that stands out over and above the statements of your competitors.

The vast majority of people find this extremely difficult to achieve. This isn't surprising, because it is a specialist skill. However, it is our area of expertise, and we can help you.

Who are we?

Our small, friendly specialist team consists of vastly experienced career sector writing professionals. We are all highly qualified, and we all have an excellent record when it comes to helping medical sector professional succeed in their applications. Significantly, in addition to specialist expertise in this area, all of our consultants are naturally gifted creative writers. This doesn't sound so important on the surface, but it is - and especially since your statement is effectively a creative document that not only should read and flow well, but at the same time should captivate and rouse the interest of the reader.

This is something that is far from easy to achieve, but it's something that we do on a daily basis for clients, and it is one reason why we get real results for our clients.

Please feel free to learn more about our team.

Do you help medical professionals in any other way?

Yes, we also have vast experience writing top-quality CVs for nurses and medical sector professionals. Paul is the author of what is arguably the best CV book on the market, 'The one page CV,' published by Pearson Education. Notably, we have an outstanding track record when it comes to helping people succeed in their job and course application.

In addition to writing CVs in our own tried and tested, high impact format, we are also used to writing CVs specifically to GMC format.

What kind of nurses do you help?

In addition to helping would-be nurses, we also have experience helping qualified nurses across a number of fields and levels of seniority, including student nurses, new entrants, staff/registered nurses, nurse practitioners including family nurse practitioners, adult nurses, child nurses, dental nurses, veterinary nurses, sisters, midwives, etc.

While most of our clients are in Great Britain, we do also help customers internationally, and from all corners of the globe.

Next step

If you would like our help then we would be happy to be of assistance. If you have any queries, questions or concerns please feel free to contact us using the form on our contact page. Alternatively, please feel free to check out our FAQ page where answers to many frequently asked questions are answered.

If you would like to talk someone, then we would be happy to discuss your queries with you as well. We can even call you back at a convenient time if you prefer to do this. If so, just leave your name and number and a suitable time to call, and we will try to call you then. Similarly, if you have a Skype account we are happy to chat with you on Skype.

If you have heard enough and don't have any more questions, then we can set the ball rolling now here online. Moreover, it is quick and easy to order directly online, and most of our clients do just that.

Listed below are links to our prices and ordering pages. These vary slightly depending upon whether you are applying for a job or a course. Please just use the appropriate service for you.

Prices and Ordering

Prices start from just £129 and depend on the exact service you require, as well as your choice of writer and timescales.

In the first instance please click on the appropriate link below;

Helping You

We look forward to helping you to not only dramatically improve your statement, but also to gain an advantage over other applicants for competitive nursing jobs and courses.