Personal statement template

As mentioned on the personal statement examples page, there is a danger involved with using statement templates and examples. Yes, they may be convenient, and may even give you a few ideas. However, the fact remains that the strongest statements are 100% original, and are based around you, your own personal circumstances, and your own aims and motivations. In addition to this, the best statements are also targeted and optimised towards the job or course in question.

Rather than just write your statement, as many people just do, if you want the best results you also need to think about the person at the other end; i.e. the HR executive, the employer, or the course tutor for example, and consider what he/she may think of your statement. The first consideration may well be a global one such as 'does this person meet the criteria?' Or 'would this person be able to do the job or course?' However, beyond that comes the question 'is this candidate better than the others?' and ' how good is this statement compared to the others?' This is significant, because if you just use a template then your statement is unlikely to be as good as someone who has spent considerable time and effort drafting a 100% original document.


If you are going to use a personal statement template, then at the very least use it loosely, and just to get some ideas, rather than copying out chunks word for word. Even then, this almost certainly will not be as effective as creating something completely original based on you, your circumstances and your target. All in all, templates aren't really recommended, but if you really want to use one then you do so at your own risk - so remember you only get one shot at good jobs/courses!

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