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We are based in the UK but help clients with their personal satements from all around the world. Please contact us using the form on the left. It will save you time and we will give you a quicker response if you provide as much details as possible including:

-Your target (e.g. HR job, undergraduate application, PhD application etc.

- Links to course or job details

- Any criteria for the statement

- The deadline

- If you have already written something it would help if you sent that too.

We are not one of those companies who write statements on an industrial scale and a 24/7 sales force. On the contrary, we are a small team of talented specialists dedicated to giving you a friendly personal service. It is possible that we may be busy when you call, if so just leave a message and we will respond in a timely manner. Our normal hours are 9-5 GMT Monday to Friday, although if you do contact us out of these times you may still receive a response, and particularly if you contact us by e-mail out of hours.

Telephone : 020 328 77237

Coldstream House, Yieldshields, ML8 4QX, UK

Skype : personal statements