Professional help for medical personal statements

Medical sector employers are extremely discerning, which is one reason why the likes of the NHS and other medical institutions both in the UK and abroad are increasingly requesting medical personal statement as part of the job application process.

Giving you the edge

Most people struggle when it comes to writing a real stand out, top quality personal statement, and if you are having difficulty selling yourself powerfully and eloquently on paper, then you are no means alone.

At the same time, you don't necessarily have to be on your own either - because help is at hand, and we have an outstanding track record giving medical professionals a genuine advantage over their competitors when it comes to landing good medical sector jobs.

Who do we help?

We have a wide range of medical sector professionals including nurses, doctors, consultants and managers across a broad range of medical fields and specialisations. Whilst most of our clients are in the UK, we also help clients from all around the world.

How do we help?

Each case is different, and we do work on a one-to-one, individual basis. However, essentially our whole service is geared up towards helping you achieve your medical sector career goals - of which your personal statement plays an increasingly big part in today's competitive job market.

We are yet to receive a medical statement from a client that we could not dramatically improve; and usually on numerous fronts including wording, content, flow, grammar, focus, length and more. Additionally, we have never once received a personal statement from any client that was properly optimised for the job in question. This is significant, because the best personal statements not only need to read well, but they also need to tell the employer what they want to hear - and in a clear, concise and proactive fashion.

Significantly, this shows, and does not go unnoticed by discerning employers. Your personal statement is effectively a test after all.

Further help

We also have an outstanding record helping medical professionals with their CV. Significantly, we have extensive experience working to GMC specifications/guidelines. If you would like help with your medical CV in addition to your statement, please just inform us of this when you enquire about your statement.


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