Personal Statements for University Applications

If you are seeking a place on a course and are looking to apply to university then our specialist writers can help you make a better impression and help give you the advantage over your competitors.

Most applicants are able to write a decent, or even a good statement. However, this isn't always enough, and if you want the best possible chance securing your place on the best courses, then you need the best possible statement.

Our vastly experienced top UK writers can give you just that. Indeed, we have vast experience writing top quality personal statements for the following;

UCAS Applications:

Please note that UCAS stress the importance of your personal statement and specifically recommend that you ensure that it is well-written and 100% original - and not just copied or tweaked from personal statement examples. Please click for more details.

Postgraduate course statements:

Similarly, places on other university courses including postgraduate courses are competitive, and the better your statement, the better your prospects.

We can help you, and like no one else.

MBA Courses:

We regularly help of both students and people with hands-on work/commercial/business experience land competitive places on sought after MBA courses, including MBA courses at leading universities and top international business schools.

Significantly, we help both clients in the UK, and from all around the world.If you would like a free, no obligation quotation then in the first instance please contact us with details of the university course or you wish to apply to. We can then assess this and advise you.

Oxbridge Personal Statements:

Places on Oxbridge courses are particularly competitive, and statements do play a part in getting you noticed from the crowd. We can help your application stand out - giving you a distinct advantage over your competitors.