How it works

  • As you can imagine, each job we do is different, as different employers look for different things and statements come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. Some comprise responses to various questions, whereas others are more open-ended. Some have word-count restrictions whereas others don't. It is therefore impossible to judge just how much work is involved, until you provide us with more information about what is involved when it comes to writing your personal statement. In the first instance therefore we would ask you to send us details about the personal statement you need help with, and include any specific questions, criteria, deadlines and also if there is a job or person specification please also send that.
  • We'll examine this for you and can give you a free, no obligation quotation. We can also give you an idea in advance of just what we will do to help you. For example, in addition to improving the wording and the way it flows, in pretty much all cases we can also make your personal statement more focused/optimised towards the job. If you want an idea just what we can do for you in advance, just ask us up front and we can let you know.
  • If you would like our help then the next step is for you to place your order. You can pay by bank wire, debit card, credit card or PayPal. As mentioned, each job is different so there is no set price, however, once we have ascertained just how much work is involved we can give you a quotation, and you can pay by one of the above methods.
  • Once you have ordered then one of the top personal statement writers in the UK will liaise with you and personally handcraft and professionally optimise your statement.
  • Requests for changes are very rare, but if you feel amendments are needed just let your consultant know and we can address this as part of our free after-sales service.