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Any written document, or creative work for that matter, is subjective to some degree.So it is not that straightforward to define what is best when comparing written documents. However, there are some commonly agreed points concerning personal statements that can be easily ascertained. For example, they should be a good length (usually concise), meet the criteria given (if any), and address the job or person specification if there is one.

We have an excellent track record of improving documents written by other professional writing companies, and can tell you in advance just how we can improve it for you.

In addition to the above common issues of length, criteria and targeting/optimisation, most clients find that we also improve the flow and nature of their statement too.

In fact, if you ask us to improve a statement that has been written by another company, we usually improve it on numerous fronts including the wording, how it reads, and how effectively it gets your all-important sales message across.

If you have any statement written by another company, before you place your order with us you can ask us to tell you in advance exactly how we can improve it, and if for some highly unusual reason we can't improve it in the way we indicated, then we will give you your money back.

No other personal statement company can (or does) give you a guarantee like that.